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# Download and extract solr 4.9.1
tar -zxvf solr-4.9.1.tgz
# Create nodes
cp -r solr-4.9.1/example/ node1
cp -r solr-4.9.1/example/ node2
cp -r solr-4.9.1/example/ node3
cp -r solr-4.9.1/example/ node4
# Run solr with 2 shards
cd node1
java -DzkRun -DnumShards=2 -Dbootstrap_confdir=./solr/collection1/conf -Dcollection.configName=myconf -jar start.jar
# Run another shard
cd node2
java -Djetty.port=7574 -DzkHost=localhost:9983 -jar start.jar
# Create replicas
cd node3
java -Djetty.port=8900 -DzkHost=localhost:9983 -jar start.jar
cd node4
java -Djetty.port=7500 -DzkHost=localhost:9983 -jar start.jar
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